NUfloss, a TRUE American Biotech Startup company that began in a garage after the Founders personally experienced the horrific and costly effects of not flossing.

From gum disease to tooth loss, $1500 in cavity fillings to $25,000 in restorative oral surgeries, and everything in-between, the Mission IS clear:

Drastically improve the flossing experience AND change the way we fight periodontal disease.

For over a two years, NUfloss’ diverse team of health, technology, business, and engineering specialists have worked diligently to produce a NU solution that disrupts the traditional flossing methods and shifts the way we fight periodontal disease.

NUfloss presents the world's first bio-degradable, customized, and subscription-based solution to flossing.

Using the natural motion of biting to floss, NUfloss' patent-pending technology is a pair, top and bottom, of redesigned mouthguards with multiple floss strands precisely placed for each user. NUfloss’ innovative machine learning software obtains your unique dental profile via digital imaging. Creating a precise, comfortable, and easy flossing experience.

NUfloss’ Leadership is advised by Oral Health Professionals with over 35 years of experience. These advisors continue to assist in the growth and development of NUfloss’ innovative technologies.

Our Members=Our Passion.

NUfloss encourages our members to make responsible, consistent, and healthy lifestyle choices for the betterment of their oral health. 

NUfloss is building the internal capabilities required for members to receive precision care.

The NU way of flossing is here and now, for you!

NUfloss & Oral Health Professionals

Upgrade your passion for oral health and become a strategic partner in the growth of precision care.

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